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How To Be Eco Friendly In College

College is hard enough and you might feel like you don’t want to complicate things further but the truth is, it is important to care because our planet is in danger due to the global warming and other environmental issues that are currently taking place.

When you’re in college, being ecofriendly is not very easy because you are likely to be living off of processed foods that come in packaging material that is not good for the environment as they are non-degradable materials. Aside from the foods, you are also likely to be doing a lot of things that are not very helpful to the environment.

If you’re somebody who is starting college soon or already in college wondering how you can help the environment whilst in college, there are so many tips and tricks that we have mentioned below that will definitely help you in your journey.

Top Picks

When picking universities, pick out a school that encourages for riding a standard mountain bike and reusable coffee cups kind of lifestyle.

This tip definitely isn’t a must as we recognize that various schools are better for various programs and there are bigger picture stuff to consider such as your education but if possible, try to find some colleges that are ecofriendly and makes a conscious effort towards maintaining a eco friendly nature around campus. By living on a campus and going to school at a university that supports your way of life, you will find it much easier to live an ecofriendly lifestyle.

Public Transport

If you’re somebody that doesn’t live on campus or even if you do, you might need a mode of transportation to get to one class from the other class so it is best to invest in one of those e scooters from Australia that are quite ecofriendly when compared to a car that releases tons of carbon dioxide into the environment and worsens issues such as global warming.

As for those of you who live way from campus, you should definitely consider investing in some bus passes or take the metro to class instead of driving your vehicle and releasing a bunch of carbon dioxide that is released into the air.

Cooked Food

One of the biggest reasons why campuses are facing garbage disposal issues and health care issues where weight gain in students are concerned is because of the consumption of processed foods that come packed in materials that are often non degradable.

The best solution to the problem is to start cooking your own food. Often times, many on campus and off campus accommodation spaces have stoves that you can use to cook your own meals.

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